Back in Action Mobiliser

Alongside my equine physical therapy work, I am delighted to be able to offer sessions on a Back in Action Mobiliser for riders or indeed any individual. Mobilisation of the spinal joints is known to achieve the following:

  • To safely tackle chronic joint pain
  • To help with manipulative treatments
  • To improve resilience in daily activities
  • To reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels
  • To create positive circle of greater movement...greater fitness..greater movement

Chronic back pain results in the body guarding the affected area resulting in a loss of mobility. When riding a horse this affects how the horse can use its body; the rider may be blocking some of the horses movement, and the horse alters its movement to compensate for the riders restrictions. This can result in horses having reoccurring muscle tightness as a result of rider issues, the use of the Mobiliser can help address this.

The Mobiliser is used by many top riders and sports people across many disciplines to improve both performance and wellbeing. In addition the Mobiliser was tested by NATO, MOD, RAF who declared it safe and effective in beating back pain and it is used in every UK military Rehab Base. It is most effective on pain that has lasted more than six months and has not responded to rest, drugs, treatments or gadgets. 

Whilst I am attending to your horse, you can have 15 minutes to yourself on the Mobiliser as well as stand alone sessions as required. It may also be possible to rent the Mobiliser for a few days subject to conditions. If you require further information regarding the Mobiliser, please get in touch or visit the Back in Action website which can be accessed via the link on my Contact Me page. There you will also find information on how to discuss the Mobiliser's use relative to your specific issues with a medically qualified practitioner experienced in using the Mobiliser if required.